There are numerous benefits to artificial grass that you may not even realize!

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Q.  Do you know the actual costs savings?

A.  Well, there are estimates online that for a 1000 square foot area of grass, up to $3,000 is saved annually on water and maintenance costs.  That’s pretty significant.  

What’s really important for Arizona residents to know is that some cities, municipalities and the state offer rebates for both residential and commercial property owners for removing grass and installing artificial grass because of water conservation efforts.  Some Arizona cities are offering rebates to homeowners who replace their lawns with artificial grass; ranging from $50 to $1,500 and up to $3,000 for commercial properties.  

Of course, people need to contact their own cities and counties to determine what’s available for them specifically, if they qualify and how to apply to receive these rebates.  It’s up to them to verify this information, and we can’t and don't guarantee it, because it changes. 

Q.   Are there other cost savings associated with artificial grass?

A.  Yes.  Buying the equipment and maintaining it, fuel for the lawn mower, electricity or paying a landscaper to do it.  And even though I know my landscaper, I don’t necessarily know the workers out in my back yard.  

Q.    What are the other environmental benefits?

A.     Applying bug and weed killer to eliminate weeds and pests on grass exposes you, your kids and your pets to toxic chemicals.  When you water your lawn, those chemicals run off into the sewer system, harming the environment.  Artificial grass doesn’t require any of that, so the family isn’t exposed to toxins and neither is the environment.

Q.  What other benefits can a homeowner expect to enjoy?

A.  Natural lawns require a lot of hard work, time and expense.  Mowing and edging the lawn, over seeding for winter and treating for weeds and bugs are a few examples of the constant work necessary to maintain natural grass. 

Wouldn't you rather spend your weekend doing something fun instead of working half the day on your lawn?   

Aren't you tired of the irritating noise pollution from the sound of the lawn mowers, edger or blowers?  What about the horrible smell from the gas powered equipment?  Don't forget the hassle and expense of maintaining and storing lawn mowers and other equipment?  Wouldn't it be nice to eliminate all that?

Q.  Why is artificial grass a better option than natural grass?

A.  Natural grass requires a significant amount of water and is also a huge expense. There’s tremendous savings, as well as the consideration of water conservation, by installing artificial grass.

Features and Benefits of using GOING GREEN TURF

Q.  What other benefits can be expected from artificial grass?

A.  Well, it looks beautiful year round, it holds up in high traffic areas, it’s preferable to rock because of the reduction in dust, reduced allergies, and there’s a variety of high quality, different styles to choose from that look completely natural.  

Q.  Do you install putting greens?

A. Absolutely!   Please check with your homeowner's association and complete any application for approval prior to arranging installation of your gorgeous new artificial grass lawn.

Q.   What about my existing irrigation system?

A.   The areas of the irrigation system for the lawn are capped off so you’re still watering the garden beds, but not the lawn.  There’s additional cost savings, besides reducing the amount of water used, on the maintenance of the irrigation system.  There are always constant issues with maintaining the watering system, because lawn mowers damage the heads, especially when scalping the lawn for re-seeding.  It’s very time consuming and costly to dig these up and repair them and before you have time to do it, water is generally either not running on this area of the lawn properly, causing it to yellow or is providing a geyser, wasting lots of water.   

  • Locally owned and operated, family run business. 

  • Locally owned and operated, family run business. 

Q.  How does artificial grass work with pets?

A.  Liquid waste runs through it.  You will scoop the poop, the same as you would with grass, but won’t experience yellowing or dark green patches.  Naturally, you’ll want to hose it down occasionally, to rinse off the Arizona dust and freshen it up.  

Phone: 623-581-0040

Phone: 623-581-0040

Q.  Why should commercial developers consider artificial grass?

A.  Artificial grass looks beautiful and is so much less expensive to maintain than landscaped areas.  Weeds are a huge issue in Arizona and properly installed artificial grass eliminates constant treatment for weeds and looks far more inviting than desert scape alone.  You save water costs and may receive rebates for replacing grass with artificial grass and it's nice to sit on.  You have the inviting look of grass, without the maintenance.